About Me

Mary Hale Visser a graduate of The Ohio State University is a Professor of Sculpture and Computer modeling at Southwestern University in Texas. Visser has exhibited throughout Europe and the U.S. Her work has appeared in over 120 exhibitions, as well as in art journals and publications such as Sculpture International and A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Sculpture. Visser is one of a small group of artists who pioneered the use of rapid prototyping for making sculptural forms. She is the recipient of several awards and fellowships; Visser’s work focuses on the use of 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to create complex abstract figurative sculptures.

My Philosophy

How extraordinary it is to be human, struggling to communicate, to live a meaningful life, albeit so briefly. I search for the soul from whence all life comes. Myths, legends, stories and poems of individual human endeavors draw me in to search for that elusive spirit, the intangible made real. What is it that we see in an individual human action that changes the soul, thus, changes all people through the actions of this one being? What compelled that action that puts the individual at risk to change the whole community for the better.

Contact Me

Mary Visser, Professor of Art
Brown Chair Holder
Vice President of Ars Mathematica, Paris, France
The Art and Art History Department
The Sarofim School of Fine Arts
Southwestern University
Georgetown, Texas 78626
email: visserm@southwestern.edu